Welcome to Happy Hearts & Tails!

Helping animals in need.

Happy Hearts & Tails is dedicated to rescuing homeless and abused animals. We are a NO KILL non-profit animal rescue serving the Northeastern Pennsylvania area.

Reducing homeless feline population.

We help to reduce the number of homeless felines in the Northeastern Pennsylvania area through our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. Through this system we setup humane traps near colonies of cats, take the cats to be spayed/neutered, and then return them to back to their colonies altered. All cats are ear tipped to indicate that they have been neutered. All cats also receive rabies vaccinations as part of this program. This program greatly helps to reduce the number of homeless cats in the area by preventing reproduction.

Rescuing animals. Every day.

We rescue animals in need: those that are sick, injured, hurt, abused, malnourished, and unwanted. With the help of our veterinarians and fosters, we make sure that animals are healthy and help them to find their “furever” homes.

Become a foster!

We’re always in need of suitable fosters to help house animals until they are healthy and have found permanent homes! Please follow the link if you think you might be interested in fostering.

Keep us running!

Running our rescue and TNR programs is expensive, and we rely on donations to keep our programs (and animals) alive. Please show your support and keep Happy Hearts & Tails alive by donating – every penny helps!

Don't be shy!

If you have any questions, are interested in helping out, or are looking to rescue an animal of your own, contact us today!